Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website that is finally active, though at this stage it may function more like a telegraph than a modern 4-G phone. But at least I can begin to communicate with the greater world of readers.

I’ve spent the last 15 years working on six novels that make up the initial parts of 3 different commercial series.  With “all boats” going up, sideways, or otherwise, it was Hugh Howey who suggested at last year’s James River Writers October conference that it might prove wise for me to launch as many concurrently as I could manage. Well, I couldn’t pull off 6, but I’m somehow dragging to the start line, sometime in 2016 (delayed once again!?), the first book of each series: creating in the process my first tri-series (and quite possibly my last, if three are too ambitious, or the timing doesn’t work out for another consecutive launch)—as opposed to a trilogy. If there is a term coined for this—like insanity—I’m sure someone will kindly share it. I guess my father knew something when he tried to get me interested in Morse code when I was a kid….you just never know, do you?