Book II of the P.O.VEE saga finds Dr. Torance and VEE right where we left them—in the middle of
unfinished messes. For Dr. Torance’s part, he seeks revenge on the person or persons that malevolently
separated him from his lover, Simone, by enticing him with the Nobel Prize-worthy project of a
lifetime—the creation of the first android on the planet. The cost of a year’s silence from his love proved
too much for him to endure, especially when VEE’s issues piled on.

While VEE, said android, having been altered from a self-learning bot into the first emotional-learning
bot, had been chased and attacked whenever he showed his faceplate—bizarrely, by what appeared to
be both friend or foe regardless. And all VEE desired was to be faithful to his new more complex
programming compelling him to learn about humans. Desiring to accomplish this more effectively, he
was becoming even more convinced that he should participate in more real-world experiences—like the
androids always did in the books and films he’d come across—rather than being cooped up. Like creator,
like creation, the cost of being so vulnerable to humans and how his code was always being jostled,
proved too steep for his fragile new-found psyche.