Something Olde
Genre: Adventure
Banished from England in 1609, the water-cursed Divel necklace never made it to the New World. It and John Cabot and scores of other passengers were waylaid by the infamous 1609 Atlantic Ocean hurricane that drove the famed Sea Venture into literally claiming Bermuda for England, inadvertently providing the material for Shakespeare's "The Tempest," and years of misery for the Waters family that passed down the priceless heirloom to the oldest daughter of each generation at their Bermuda weddings. In 1 week, it is coming out of Clark Dearborne's vault for Sandy Water's wedding. But he's made a momentous decision: because a Water's decimated his retirement account in an investment scam, it is time to right the scales so he will be able to retire with one or both of his girlfriends. Who wants it, who doesn't, and what forces--natural, supernatural or otherwise--will align themselves to see who manages to hold onto the second-most famous triangle in the middle of all this water?!
About the Book

Clarke Dearborne has been an honest hotel employee most of his life. Like so many locals nearing retirement, his nest egg was fried by the recent stock market shenanigans of his stock broker, who happened to be a Waters.

Wouldn’t you know, next weekend’s Waters wedding is approaching, when the famed Divel Necklace will be freed from Clarke’s vault per their centuries-old Bermuda wedding tradition. So Clarke is faced with a choice: he can take it lying down, or, make off with millions when he’s never taken anything in his life.

To survive all this, Clarke only has to:

(1) circumvent the protective mother-of-the-bride’s own secret plot to not pass on the triangular heirloom (tired of its watery curse and how it has affected her own marriage) to her only daughter, by enlisting the help of the two monetarily-challenged best men, Frick and Frack;

(2) outlast the storm that seems to be taking it personally that the climatologist father-of-the-bride just attempted to become the first person to stop a hurricane in its tracks;

(3) keep his literal partner-in-crime, Benny-the-fence (who was responsible for the largest jewelry theft in Bermuda’s history–the Tucker Cross, 2 score years ago), from prematurely ending their partnership when Clarke’s timeline is washed away;

(4) navigate between his two part-time lovers–yet another triangle–though only one of them learns of the necklace and how it drives this family’s mysterious island-wide charm hunt immediately following the wedding….

That’s all….
Something Olde is the first book in The Chronicles of the Divel series….

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