Genre: Sci-Fi
Publication Year: 2016
Length: sci fi
Robot VEE comes across Isaac Asimov's supposed fictional work during an internet educational session. Noting the obvious similarities in its development toward becoming the first REAL android on the planet--excepting for the dash of missed sex and twists of humor that its haunted robotic psychologist creator seems preoccupied with--VEE is less than sure it can handle its own transformation with said changes based upon the image of Man it is in the process of uncovering.
About the Book


Circa 2040, Matt Torance is the lead robotic psychologist on an American IT team attempting to transform VEE–one of the first self-learning bots–into the world’s first self-aware android. Matt is opposed by: The strange “secure” working conditions he must agree to in order to get his chance at this historic Nobel prize-worthy advancement; the members of his own team; VEE itself, as it questions its own supposed “progress”; and the English-challenged Chinese Chairman, who is determined to master the enemy’s language, mass produce these revolutionary bots, and steal VEE’s code, not necessarily in that order.

P.O.VEE is the first novel in The Chronicles of VEE series….

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