Space Vacations R US – Launching Spring 2017
Going on 13 Timmy Mayan is so scared of his family's annual adventure "vacations," that he refuses to call them vacations any longer. In 3 days, he will be faced with surviving the next looming family trek that the media buzz describes as the hottest adventure activity ON the planet, though it's really OFF it. That's bad enough. Worse for height-challenged Timmy is how the testimonials of the first families to go up have described the experience as being "out of this world," literally....
About the Book

Pre-growth spurt Timmy Mayan wants a date with Steph. But he’s left it to the last day of school because, well because, there’s always too much on his mind this time of year. Even if he manages a date, he’ll have to survive the looming family odyssey to enjoy it, rather than come back as he usually does in his least favorite colors—black and blue. You see, Timmy sees the world in terms of colors and shades, but that’s another story.

In 3 short days, the Mayans are slated to leave for Bermuda Space Camp. This 3 day program will prepare them for the 3 day leap for mankind coming the very next week. It will certainly be a leap for his 17 year old sister’s desire to become an astronaut, while satisfying Dad’s annual risk-taking fix. In decided contrast to this dynamic duo, Timmy is artistic and creative like novelist Mom. And although Mom has received an incredible mix of creative material based upon Timmy’s past misadventures—stuff she never could have dreamed up herself—she’d rather come by her ideas in a less painful manner.

Regardless, thanks to history class, Timmy is keenly aware that brand new things tend to suffer their fare share of mishap and mayhem—like the Titanic. Timmy wants nothing to do with this too new, too-fast-sounding ram-jet, space-aged, too-little-tested plane, or the too-thin sounding, erector set-modular Space Hotel, or the cool v-suits (Velcro), v-gloves or v-shoes designed to navigate zero-G conditions way too high. Yes, his teachers had impressed upon him how school would help him later in life—but what about now?! And unfortunately, this wasn’t the only example of him knowing too much thanks to his free public education. He could be saving his father lots of money and trouble—and him color—because these yearly crusades were never going to make him into the man his father wanted to see. Never.

But, first things first: Can Timmy manage his chance with brown-eyed Steph before someone else steals her away? Because if you snooze, you lose–ignoring for the moment that he has never been able to sleep on a plane, ever, never mind one headed for the black.

SVRUS is the first book in The Near Space Chronicles series….