Having surprised everyone by coming out of the oven 6 weeks premature, I became my mother’s extra Thanksgiving turkey that year. I remain convinced that that critical month and a half is connected to why English class remained so difficult for me in school. I’m a spatial, pattern recognition guy, and can only surmise that the English language contained and still contains too many exceptions for my challenged verbal memory to ever get its arms fully around. With some poetic exaggeration, to this day, the interrelated parts of speech remain as mysterious to me as dark matter.
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  • Mojave Spaceport

    Here’s the “aerodynamic” (!?) image of the first plane to fly into near-space. This image is located just outside the Mojave Spaceport, CA, where I drove cross-country to get pics. Unfortunately, today, it is off-limits to the public, and definitely off-limits to photographic-taking novelists. I ran along the fence, taking pictures, hoping not to get arrested.

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